25 Awesome Eye Tattoo Design Ideas For Men And Women

Eye tattoos have become increasingly popular in recent years, perhaps due to the popularity of tattoo culture, but also because they can be used to send messages and show solidarity. In this article, we'll briefly introduce some of the different types of eye tattoos.

Cool Eye Tattoo Design Ideas With Images And Meanings

1. Evil Eye Tattoo: A Perfect Tattoo For Both Men And Women

The "evil eye" is a mythological belief in the Eastern world, including Turkey, India and Cambodia. The roots of this superstition lie in the 4th century B.C., where soldiers sought protection against misfortune from their enemies' assaults by wearing golden amulets in the shape of an evil eye. In ancient Egypt, people also wore similar objects to protect against magic spells or curses brought about by jealous priests and deities. Today, many people across the globe still believe that there is a connection between these charms and good fortune; however they are generally considered to be more symbolic than actual tools of luck.

2. Egyptian Eye of Horus All Seeing Eye Tattoo

The Eye of Horus (or eye of Ra) is used to protect against evil and bring good luck. It is also known as the "all seeing eye", or the symbol for the power of God. In ancient Egyptian artwork, it is sometimes shown in place of a human pupil, and depicted as part of Set's shattered eye which was ripped out by Horus himself during their battle for supremacy over the gods. The uniting element between these two meanings comes from an important Egyptian myth called the Wadjet-Eye Myth, where it explains that a great god tore his own eye into six pieces then scattered them across his body, making each piece an individual organ with its own powers. This tale not only contributed greatly to the significance behind this tattoo but also encouraged its use for protection against misfortune.

3. Third Eye Tattoo: A Symbol Of Spiritualism And Upheld Values

Third eye tattoos have been growing in popularity because they are considered to be a symbol of spirituality and strong values. They are often placed between the eyebrows or at the center of the forehead. In the Hindu religion, it is said that this third eye is developed through meditation; however others consider it to represent all-seeing knowledge and enlightenment from within one's self which grants them great powers. Some think it represents intuition, insight, and wisdom, while others believe it to be a symbol of protection against evil spirits and negative energies. Today, people with third eye tattoos claim this tattoo gives them personal strength and insight.

4. Tiger Eyes Tattoo: Best For Men With A Strong Personality

In the East, a tiger's eyes are said to be larger and more piercing than that of its feline cousins in the west, including lions or leopards. The tigers' eyes are at once beautiful and intimidating, alluring and frightening—they are able to inspire fear as well as respect in those who gaze upon them. In the Far East it was believed that people with powerful personalities were born with such penetrating, focused gazes; therefore it is no surprise that this icon has become one of strength, determination, success and honor for those choosing to express themselves through it by getting an eye tattoo. This tattoo conveys anger without passion, strength without emotion, ferocity without fear.

5. Lion Eyes Tattoo: Best For People Asking For Victory In Life

Lions are considered to be the king of beasts. So for people with lion eye tattoos, they symbolize power and courage because lions have been surviving in this world for more than a million years and are still holding their position at the top of their food chain. But aside from its significance as a symbol of power, lion eye tattoos can also embody leadership and gracefulness due to its portrayal in many fairy tales around the world; however it is always portrayed as an evil character who tries to kill innocent people or steal somebody's wife or husband.

6. Owl Eyes Tattoo: Best For Those Who Are Observan

In many cultures, the owl is regarded as a symbol of wisdom and knowledge. People with owl eye tattoos are really observant people who have sharp eyes like the one of an owl. They know how to protect themselves from danger because they first observe everything around them. The way the wise birds look at their prey before attacking shows how patient they are in achieving what they want. This attribute is also extended to those who get this tattoo; while not being passive or aggressive, they wait for the right time to strike when opportunities present themselves instead of acting immediately out of impulse.

7. Wolf Eyes Tattoo: A Perfect Eye Tattoo For Arm

Wolf eye tattoo can be a perfect choice for an arm. The wolf is a legendary creature which is known as a symbol of power and wisdom. As a majestic animal, it has the ability to protect people from evil spirits. While it's also a companion who can guide us in times of difficulties and help us find our way out when we're lost. With that meaning behind it, a wolf eye tattoo draws an eye which combines the features of both human and animals. It looks like some kind of strange but brave creature with bright skin color and noble expression on its face. What's more awesome is that this creature has two different colored eyes- greenish blue one on its left and brown one on its right. Such an eye tattoo looks very cute, and it's also a new way to express your sense of taste as well.

8. Snake Eyes Tattoo: An Alluring Eye Tattoo For Wrist

This snake eye tattoo exhibits a very lively image. It looks quite attractive to people, especially for girls. Snakes are often associated with charm and wealth while the word "eyes" is synonym of wisdom and protection which are all exactly what this snake has in store for its bearer. The bright yellow skin color, sharp fangs, black eyes and little tongue make it look even more realistic. What's more interesting is that you can find a pair of swallowtail butterflies with wings shaped like an eyeball on either side. On the top of each butterfly's head there's another small dot in reds, oranges or greens which represents a beating human heart.

9. Dragon Eye Tattoo: An Eye Tattoo For The Center Of Upper Shoulder Blade

This dragon eye tattoo is a creative combination of two things, the typical dragon and the traditional eye, which creates an interesting body art design. Dragon has been known as the king of all creatures from ancient times. It's thought of as a symbol of power and good luck because it represents vital energy in Chinese culture and religion. On one hand, this dragon eye tattoo seems to send out positive vibes for its bearer while on the other hand it looks like some strange creature with scary features such as long sharp teeth and greenish blue skin color.

10. Butterfly with Eyes Tattoo: A Creative Butterfly Tattoo For Rib Side

The eyes of this butterfly tattoo makes it different from other ordinary butterfly tattoos. The colorful butterfly with eye tattoos is believed to be a creature able to ward off evil spirits. This special creature has the ability to scare away demons and bring joy, which also represents wisdom in Chinese culture. On the wrist area or on the rib side, you'll find a pair of these butterflies holding their wings like a book above an eye created by dots. What's more interesting about this eye tattoo is that each eye color has its individual meaning as well: yellow means loyalty while red stands for bravery and power .So simple but meaningful!

11. Triangle Eye Tattoo: An Eye Tattoo For Forearm

This triangle eye tattoo starts with an image of a butterfly on the top, which symbolizes freedom and beauty in Chinese culture. Then it goes down to show a traditional eye surrounded by some dots (two for each side) which shows that you're alert and aware of your surroundings. The triangle is associated with stability and strength while the dot inside means wisdom. So this triangle eye tattoo not only looks very attractive but also stands for different meanings when all these elements are put together.

12. Realistic Eye Tattoo: A Realistic Eye Tattoo For Wrist

Although this eye tattoo looks like a real one, it's actually hand drawn and not a realistic image. The realistic effect is all done by the artist who used his imagination to create an eyeball with black lines that resemble veins around the pupil which can be found in every human being. On top of this unusual looking eyeball, there are two more fine lines going diagonally from nose to mouth area, which represents laughter and make up your smiling face. This is only one example of creative eye tattoos because there are many other kinds for you to choose from.

13. Simple Eye Tattoo: A Simple Eye Tattoo For Rib Side or Inside Wrist

Usually people have their eye tattoos placed on their back or chest. This simple eye tattoo is one of the exceptions because it's on the inside part of your hand near your wrist. If you look carefully at this small tattoo, you'll find that there are number 8 written in Chinese style next to the dot representing wisdom and power. There's also a red dot with three dots inside which means eternity while four other tiny dots surrounding it stand for protection from fire, water, wind and earth elements. Let's hope this eye tattoo will help protect its bearer from evil to live a long happy life!

14. Mind’s Eye Tattoo: An Eye Tattoo For Side Of Neck

The eye in this mind's eye tattoo seems to be watching over its bearer. The triangle and dot inside represent stability, protection and wisdom while the fine black line represents laughter which means this eye tattoo will keep its bearer laughing for all of his/her life. If you have a history of bad luck, or want to protect yourself against any future misfortunes, then getting one of these cute eye tattoos is what you need to do because it represents your good luck and protection symbol from different kinds of evil forces. Now you know where on your body you should place it!

15. Traditional Eye Tattoo: A Traditional Chinese Style Eye Tattoo For Rib Side

This traditional Chinese style eye tattoo is worn by men and women because it's believed to ward off evil and protect people from negative energy. The red butterfly represents good luck, vitality and health while the traditional eye with dots on each side symbolizes protection against any evil influences .On this particular one, there are also some small Arabic numbers representing a date of birth. This basically indicates that you want to invite everything good into your life so you can be protected no matter what!

16. Crying Eye Tattoo: A Cute Little Eye Tattoo For Side Of Neck

This simple crying eye tattoo looks very cute for both girls or boys who want an eye tattoo but don't like complicated designs since they're hard to draw or maybe painful to have done. All you need are a triangle and four dots on each side which are all popular symbols with different meanings. The triangle, the dot and the two lines together mean stability, protection and wisdom while the other three also mean eternity or long life. You can have as many of these crying eyes as you want but it's still recommended that you don't get too much so it won't overwhelm your entire body.

17. Eye Tattoo on the Arm: An Elegant Chinese Style Eye Tattoo For Side Of Neck

This elegant eye tattoo is worn by men and women because it looks equally beautiful no matter who wears it. It represents everything good for people who believe in Feng Shui which includes protection against evil forces or negative energy. This particular one is designed in the traditional Chinese style and written in their language except for the four little dots near the upper part of the design. Those dots actually represent a date in either English or Arabic numbers to indicate when it was done. You can have as many eye tattoos as you want but always remember that it should be in harmony with your body type, character and personality

18. Eye of Providence Tattoo: A Simple Eye Tattoo for Upper Arm

This eye of Providence tattoo represents wisdom, protection and stability which is why it's worn by men and women who want to be protected no matter what. The two dots on each side represent a date in Arabic numbers or western numbers as well as a red dot with three lines inside spaced out evenly representing eternity or long life. This can be placed almost anywhere on the arm where it looks good so you should choose wisely!

19. Eye Tattoo on the Arm: Show Your Personality!

An eye tattoo on the arm can be used to show the wearer's love of a person or thing. In this way, it is similar to a heart with an arrow through it. The advantage of an eye tattoo over a heart tattoo is that the former can be placed in less accessible parts of the body like the upper arm whereas a heart has no choice but to sit in plain sight.

20. Eye Tattoo on the Hand: Tiny but Powerful!

Eye tattoos on the hand are a good choice for those with small bodies. They can be used to show commitment to something or even love, just like an eye tattoo anywhere else. This type of tattoo is small and discreet, which means it's easy to hide from public view if you so desire.

Eye tattoos are an excellent way for you to express your personality in a unique and stylish manner. When done properly, they can also bring joy and enhance the beauty of other body parts like the eyes or other places on the face. If you're thinking about getting one, then it's highly recommended that you look for symbol meanings associated with them so as not to end up with something ugly and painful!