20 Most Loving Couple Tattoo Design Ideas: Show Your Love!

There are couples who want matching tattoos designed on their body. These tattoos can be matching finger tattoos , couple tattoo quotes, couple angel and demon tattoo.

Here are the 20 most loving couple tattoos - the sign of love:

1. The Small Ring Tattoo for Couples - the craze of love

This is a matching ring tattoo which means that they can hold the same ring. This matching finger tattoos for couples design has the styles of matching wedding bands like with diamonds or without diamonds. The ring shows that it's all about love and commitment to each other. However, this couple's tattoo idea also represents how much they love their partner as rings are meant for eternity just like love and marriage are supposed to last forever. Green color denotes faithfulness while red represents passion in a relationship.

2. Heart Lock and Key Couple Tattoo Designs - One of the most popular tattoo

The heart lock and key tattoo designs have many variations because of its uniqueness among matching tattoos for couples. Some couples who want tattoos designs have matching heart locks which each have a matching key. These tattoo pictures represent the love they have for their partner or vice versa. Some couples even go to this extent of matching both the keys and locks in terms of matching couple names tattoos.

3. The Demon and Angel Tattoo for Couples - Bold and terrifying

This matching couple angel and demon tattoo designs may look controversial but not if you know what it symbolizes. Some people choose to have a matching demon or ghost on one arm while an angel or cherub on another arm to signify the good vs evil theme that is present in their relationship . This matching couple angels vs demons tattoo images can also mean how one was saved by the other from being a terrible sinner.

4. True Love Couple Tattoo Design - Show your love

The tattoo images of angel wings symbolizes the importance of their relationship in their lives and how they stand by each other through thick or thin. This is a nice tattoo idea which is also symbolic to people who believe that there is only one person out there for everyone and that's the one you will be with until eternity.

5. Mickey and Minnie Couple Tattoo on Shoulders - Sweet cartoon tattoo

As mentioned earlier, tattoos can go into extremes like this Mickey and Minnie tattoo on shoulders . In this case the woman has matching Mickey Mouse tattoos while her man has matching Mickey Mouse tattoos on shoulders .

6. Couples Tattoo Designs On Fingers - Show your creativity

In terms of tattoo designs, matching couples finger tattoos are among the most popular ones you will find today. These matching couple name tattoos have a lot of variations and different matching love quotes that some people like in their tattoos pictures. Some couples choose to share matching love quote tattoo designs with each other as a sign of their everlasting love for one another.

7. Couple Tattoos Together Forever - Matching couple symbols

This is one symbol which represents true love or eternal love – the cute little heart with an arrow pointing through it showing that you and your partner belong together forever. These tattoos are symbols which are perfect for couples who already share names in their couple tattoos pictures .

8. Cute Love Birds Couple Tattoos - Matching couple birds tattoo

Some couples have matching love bird tattoos on their upper arms or chest. Others even choose to match the size of the birds depending on how much they love each other, and most people place these couple tattoo ideas on the back area as well. The wings represent how they will always be with each other no matter what happens while the feathers symbolize happiness and love that grows between them.

9. Cute Heart and Arrow Couple Tattoos on Wrist - Matching couple designs for wrist

The heart arrow represents what couple tattoos are with a matching arrow going through it. These couple tattoos ideas can be placed on any part of the body where couples like to place tattoos for couples . It is always a good idea to refer to a couple tattoo picture gallery before selecting tattoos for yourself.

10. Cute tattoos on Arms - Go crazy in love

Couples who love each other opt for cute animal or cartoon characters when getting their matching tattoos together. Some even go crazy and have both a cuddly toy and their lover's name in one arm (yes, they do look awkward!). This shows how much they really love each other although some people may disapprove of it because tattoos on arms are not the most attractive tattoos. There are also tattoo designs of hearts, which is one of the most popular tattoos for couples .

11. Couple Tattoos Quotes on Wrist - Create your own quotes

Some cool matching love tattoo looks great on a wrist and there you have it – "I'm crazy about my man"! These tattoos can be singularly placed or in a row with other tattoo designs. This is an ideal place to create multiple matching couple names or simply put up some words that present their feelings for each other.

12. Beautiful Couple Cartoon Tattoos on Thumb - Cute cartoon pictures

These cute cartoon characters can be placed on matching tattoos for couples pictures of the thumb and it will also look like a cute tattoo design . The tattoos are not just ordinary tattoos but have something to do with tattoos for couples.

13. Boy and Girl Couple Tattoos on Upper Arm - Do something new!

People may get the tattoos on upper arms but not in tattoos for couples. It is more common to place tattoos on the back area than on the upper arm or thigh area where many find it difficult to sit down while having this tattoo inked.

14. Puzzle Tattoo for Couple Design - Lock yourself in a puzzle!

These beautiful puzzle pieces are a symbol that some people use as their tattoos design. This is a perfect match for couples who want something simple yet meaningful at the same time. Just make sure you both choose your own favorite color when getting these tattoos and of course, choose one that complements each other well.

15. Single Ring Tattoos for Couples - Matching ring tattoo

These tattoos can be placed in matching couple names on the finger but it is more common to have them on matching couples arm area or back. If you are both tattoo lovers, then this is a good idea for tattoos and everyone will definitely love your cute little tattoos.

16. Couple Tattoos King and Queen - Be like a king & queen!

Couples who believe that they are the king( queen) of their relationship can opt for these cool matching king and queen designs. The design shows how powerful they feel when they have each other's name engraved on their skin which will serve as a constant reminder of their love for each other. These simple yet elegant tattoos are perfect for those who are looking to have tattoos which look unique and still cheesy.

17. tattoos Promise - Show your love to your partner

This is the most common type of tattoos where couples simply have their names on each other's body parts or even in the palms of their hands. Some even go a little crazy with small animals or flowers added at the corner. If you want something simple yet meaningful, then these tattoos will do but if you don't mind, you can always make it look pretty cute with some graphics thrown in the mix.

18. Initial Tattoos for Couples - Cute love tattoo ideas

Initials cannot match any better than tattoos for couples. These tattoo pictures are perfect if you want tattoos with tattoo design . This is a good choice especially if your name begins with the same letter or you can even have it as one word which will look cool in a couple matching tattoos picture.

19. Couples Music Tattoos - Go crazy with your favorite song!

These cute tattoos are perfect for music lovers who also happen to be crazy about each other. Each musical symbol represents their feelings and emotions towards the song they sang when they were dating. Choose a song that has special meaning to both of you so that when they see the band, they would be reminded how much they mean to each other.

20. Skull Couple Tattoos - Do something terrible

This tattoo design is perfect for those who love skulls. The human skull symbolizes death while the other symbolizes life. It's like matching a couple's matching tattoo saying that their love will always live on even though they are already dead, they will be together forever just like when they were still alive.